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We’re replacing the ICO with a new blockchain-based investment model, so you can safely participate in the next wave of opportunity

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"Potential is spread evenly across the world but opportunity isn’t. 1000DAPPS is an equal opportunity generator that will improve startup investing as we know it"

— Hass Bazzi, Co-Founder

What is 1000DAPPS?

We connect a world of investors and entrepreneurs together to create the perfect environment for developing blockchain applications, while allowing you to profit from their success.

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We’re taking proven startup investing strategies used by VC’s for decades…
incorporating it into a revolutionary token sale model…
and making it available to you!

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1000 DAPPS

How does 1000DAPPS Work?

Investors invest in 1000DAPPS, founders pitch their startups, investors vote and if accepted, founders build their startups with mentors helping along the way.

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Founders Pitch their Project

by submitting a video application and setting their milestones, support comes in days not weeks

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For Founders

Tell the world what you want to do and what you need to make it happen. Reach your milestones, and more will be available to you in the future.

For Investors

Contributing to the 1000 DApps fund or supporting founders as a mentor earns you part ownership in every DApp that gets voted in by you and your fellow investors.

Invest in 1000DAPPS
by buying ONE K Tokens

ONE K Tokens represent equity ownership all 1000DAPPS startups and allow them to vote on which startups get funded.

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Mentors Provide Guidance

We recognize that startups need more than just capital, and as a Mentor you receive ONE K Tokens that provide you the same rights as Investors

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1000 DAPPS




Why 1000DAPPS?

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"Because Dapps capture people's attention they capture maximal value. Invest in Dapps. Dapps are the next 1000 X growth opportunity."

— Alex Kleydints, Founder

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